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Providing everything you need on your personal health and fitness journey.

1:1 Premium
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1:1 Premium Coaching
Training & Nutrition

$99 p/wk
+ $150 one-time onboarding fee
16 week minimum commitment

Are you ready to ditch the one-size-fits-all approach to fitness and embrace a personalised journey to lasting results? My 1:1 Premium Online Coaching program is designed to educate and empower you with the tools and knowledge you need to excel with your unique fitness goals for the long term.

​It is specifically tailored to your needs, with customised training programs and personalised nutrition guidance that teaches you the fundamentals of macro tracking for a flexible and balanced approach to eating. Be held accountable every step of the way with 1:1 ongoing correspondence from your coach in a weekly check in. Become a part of a supportive community that will keep you motivated and inspired to continue crushing your journey with inclusive access to our fortnightly face-to-face L.A.G Strong classes and monthly social events. This all-inclusive access is exactly what you need for a one-stop shop for training, nutrition, connection and accountability.


1:1 Tailored Nutrition Coaching

$79 p/wk
+ $150 one-time onboarding fee
16 week minimum commitment

My 1:1 Tailored Nutrition Only program focuses on developing sustainable nutrition habits that you can maintain for a lifetime. 

This isn’t a fad diet or a quick fix. Unrealistic methods like that only set you up to fail and will only keep you in the vicious loop of yo-yo dieting.

You’re here to break free from that binge/restrict cycle and better your relationship with food so you can enjoy more, restrict less and achieve results that actually last.

​I believe that sustainable nutrition is about balance, education and making informed decisions. So let me guide you through the complexities of nutrition, providing evidence-based information and practical strategies to transform your eating habits.

With ongoing correspondence in your weekly check in, together we will review and analyse your food diary to tweak and develop a personalised nutrition plan that aligns with your goals, fits in with your lifestyle and allows you to achieve the results you deserve. 

As per 1:1 Premium Coaching, this service ​grants you access to the L.A.G face-to-face Strong classes, the exclusive app community and monthly social events.


L.A.G Strong Training Subscription

$45 p/wk
+ $50 one-time onboarding fee
16 week minimum commitment

This is for my gym girlies who love to train independently but are seeking more structure and some additional spice to their training regime. Allow me to take the guesswork out for you with a structured weight training program that will help you level up in the gym to reach your body recomposition goals faster. 

It’s time to train smarter, not harder.

My online training subscription is your one-stop shop for effective workouts that keep you challenged and motivated, with new programs updated every 4 weeks for effective overload and variety. I offer a mix of workouts that guide you through a series of strength, hypertrophy and bodybuilding phases to achieve that bikini, hour glass shape. This style of training is exactly what you need for body recomposition goals - that is to lose body fat, define your upper body and grow those peachy glutes. 

​This program offers a more hands-off approach with a set 4 day training split and easy exercise substitutions, should you require an alternative.

Fortnightly face-to-face L.A.G Strong classes are also included in your subscription, along with exclusive access to the L.A.G app and community.

1:1 Nutrition
LAG Strong

L.A.G VIP Affiliates

Mastered your 1:1 Premium journey? It's time to unlock VIP status and take your transformation to the next level.

This is an exclusive plan offered to my girls who have completed a minimum full term of the 1:1 Premium Training & Nutrition program, so they have mastered the fundamentals of flexible nutrition, can track their macros like a boss, have gained gym confidence at an intermediate to advanced level and have consistently maintained sustainable healthy habits.

We’ll refine your goals and craft a bespoke new plan that’s constantly evolving with your progress, offering more autonomy, freedom and flexibility.

With your growing knowledge and skill set, you'll naturally gain the confidence and the tools to tackle challenges more independently. This allows us to shift to a monthly check-in schedule where we can debrief and adjust your goals, empowering you to navigate situations while knowing I’m still here for support.

This program is offered at a discounted rate for my ongoing clients, and also includes the fortnightly face-to-face Strong classes, along with access to the L.A.G app and community.

VIP Affiliates

Let the results speak for themselves...

Let the results speak for themselves...

Toni, VIC

"Without sounding cliche, this program has genuinely changed my life for the better.  I have learnt so much about nutrition & tracking. I look at food in a completely different way now. I eat out & don’t feel guilty because I’m so much more aware of the nutritional value of what I choose to eat."
  • Can I get help with just nutrition or just training?
    Of course you can! I totally understand that some clients are only after support with JUST TRAINING or JUST NUTRITION. Check the Coaching page on this website to see a comprehensive list of all coaching services available.
  • Do you offer face to face coaching/ PT?
    The Like A Girl Strong classes are the place to be for face to face coaching. These are group training sessions that will teach you all about progressive overload, training tempo and varied training methods so you can build gym confidence, get stronger and more importantly master your form and technique in your solo training sessions. For more information about the details of these sessions, ensure you are following @likeagirlfitess_ to stay up to date with the latest news on this.
  • I am a beginner and am new to weight training in the gym. Is this okay?
    The L.A.G mobile app DOES offer beginner weight training programs for the gym. All programs include explicit workout instructions and exercise demonstrations to assist you. However, if you prefer home/body weight programs we do have that option available too. Face to face coaching is recommended for beginner clients. You will benefit most from attending the Like A Girl Strong Classes which are face to face and focus specifically on refining form and technique.
  • How will I receive my workouts?
    All workouts are programmed inside the L.A.G Mobile app with explicit workout instructions and accommodating exercise demonstrations to ensure you know how to execute the exercises correctly. You will have a set calendar in which your workouts will appear scheduled. You also have the power to make your own exercise swaps with the L.A.G Exercise Substitutions eBook as your guide.
  • Do you work with women of all ages?
    Like A Girl Fitness is inclusive of all women, ages and abilities over the age of 18 years. So long as you are over the age of 18 and have been medically cleared/ approved to partake in a suitable training and nutrition plan by your GP and/or other healthcare professional, you are welcomed with open arms to join this community of inspiring and empowering women.
  • Do you offer meal plans?
    I don’t do ‘GENERIC’ meal plans. Instead, I TEACH you how to create your own balanced meal plan that adopts an 80:20 approach to nutrition. You are taught how to create a meal plan that works for YOU and what you ‘love’. We focus on incorporating 80% wholesome foods and 20% soul foods so that you can restrict less and have more ‘balance’. The more you enjoy the foods in your plan, the more compliant and consistent you’ll be. However, sample meal plans are provided to begin, along with an abundance of resources and eBook guides to get you started. You are supported and provided with valuable feedback the whole way through.
  • I am a male, can I join your program?
    Although I don’t specifically advertise this, the answer is YES! If you’re a male who is wanting to learn more about the fundamentals of weight training and macro tracking to build muscle and lose body fat, 1:1 Premium Coaching will be your best option and Kayla will put an appropriate plan in place tailored to suit your needs.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    All payments are managed through STRIPE- a secure third party payment gateway. STRIPE accepts Visa or Mastercard. Majority of the L.A.G services are subscription based with direct debits occurring weekly, every Sunday.
  • Are all payments subscription based or do you offer upfront too?
    Weekly subscription is the preferred payment style for all online coaching services on the L.A.G Mobile App. However, PROMO offers for some programs (i.e. 6 Week Summer Girl Strong, eBooks and Special Offer Programs) will be advertised as an upfront payment. Depending on your personal situation, Like A Girl Fitness (L.A.G) can accommodate to an upfront payment for online coaching services if preferred.
  • What if I don’t have time to complete all my training sessions each week?
    Prior to starting a program with Like A Girl Fitness, you will receive a consultation that will entail ‘REALISTIC’ goal setting. Together, we will work out how many training sessions are actually realistic for you to complete consistently each week. I’m not going to set you up for failure, I’m going to set goals with you that allow you to succeed.
  • Can I start at any time or do I have to wait for a specific start date?
    YES. All services offered can start any date (of a Monday). Some special challenges may require a specific start date.
  • I don’t live in Melbourne, can you still coach me?
    100%. This is the whole beauty of online coaching. It’s all virtual. I can coach you with training and nutrition from absolutely anywhere in the world, all thanks to the L.A.G Mobile App. All of your workouts, nutrition goals, daily habits and correspondence can be done inside the app. In addition, all education modules and resources can be easily accessed from your phone. It’s that easy. Your only limitation will be the face to face technique workshops.
  • What if I need do cancel due to unforeseen circumstances before the min term?
    Like A Girl Fitness does not provide refunds for any reason. You will be required to pay the remainder amount of the 16 week cost upfront before your subscription is cancelled. In extreme situations outside of your control, a minimum of 50% of the total cost will be required to pay upfront.
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