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"I help women simplify nutrition so they can create food freedom and gain gym confidence"

Coach Kayla Williams

Are you someone who...

is eating less &
training more?

has tried everything but isn't seeing results?

is sick of yo-yo dieting?

has the all-or-nothing mentality?

is lost, confused & sick of feeling restricted?

is looking to find more balance & create a healthy 80:20 lifestyle?

wants to build a better relationship with food & their body?

wants to understand energy balance & macro tracking?

wants to build gym confidence?

is looking for a relatable coach who gets you & your lifestyle?


Let's Work Together

Our coaching programs are designed to fit your unique needs and goals. We work with you to create a personalised plan that is challenging yet achievable, ensuring that you are always making progress.

Free Calorie (TDEE) Calculator

Discover your TDEE (maintenance calories)
to see how many daily calories your body requires.


Real, raw, relatable chats on the

Evolve 2 Thrive Podcast

with Kayla Williams

This is the place you come to for real, raw relatable chats on all things health, fitness, life and relationships. Tune in with a new episode dropping every Wednesday that will allow you to feel heard and understood as we unpack the unspoken realities of two young girls navigating through life.

This is the everyday podcast you need to evolve, embrace and thrive in all aspects of your life. ​No subject is off-limits as we dive head-first into the nitty-gritty details of nutrition, training, dating, sex and everything in between.

Toni, VIC

"Without sounding cliche, this program has genuinely changed my life for the better.  I have learnt so much about nutrition & tracking. I look at food in a completely different way now. I eat out & don’t feel guilty because I’m so much more aware of the nutritional value of what I choose to eat."


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